Established in 2016, ChalkBoard Consultancy Co. is a business with a vision to aid their clients big and small with all areas pertaining to the “numbers” side of operations.

Having been involved in the business services sector of accounting on the Gold Coast for the past 9 years, the founder Luke Foster identified areas in the modern business environment, particularly in the areas of accounting and business advice that needed to be refreshed.

With forward thinking, creativity and modern ideas, specifically in the accounting and business services environment, Luke Foster took his vision and thus ChalkBoard Consultancy Co. was born.

Our vision is to help create a business environment, from the “numbers” side of operations that aid our clients in keeping up with all reporting and compliance obligations, analysing their business performance and providing tools and guidance to help eliminate unproductive time.

Let us help you in freeing up your time to enable you get on with what you do best, your business, your vision and your dreams.

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